Thinking that I am learning a lot about pain. What pain does to you mentally. The physical aspect we all know--it HURTS! But, what about the mental part of always being in pain....

The one thing that I am learning is that you can't give in to pain. I'm thinking pain-- is Satan--can't give in to satan. He's always there...tempting us to act and think like him. Well, pain is like that...tempting us to give in. Maybe it's through pain pills or alcohol. Or maybe it's by giving in and just laying there. We make choices everyday to live as Christ lives. To be that example for Him. So do we just let the pain/satan take over? Do we NOT live as Christ would have us too?

If we are out of church, out of Christ...out of God's will then the pain will take over. Satan is in control at that point. Now, I'm not saying that you don't need medication or rest, believe me..I HAVE to take what I'm prescribed, but I'm not taking any pain meds for now. So, does that mean my pain is not as bad as some..I'm not sure, I do know that I spent Monday night awake in such pain I wanted to scream. I have taken pain meds and will take them again. But, I'm saying if you "have to have it"....then you're not taking it for the pain. You're addicted to the "pill". Why do I write this..cause I know of someone very close to me who is doing this. You have to treat the disease! Not just mask the pain.

I guess that's my "getting the word out" about this disease---ankylosing you know what it is? Do you know what it does? Do you know it's genetic? Do you know it doesn't skip generations? Do you know that I have it? Do you know that I can give it to my children? Do you know that I have? Laney has tested positive for this. Do you know that you can test positive and the disease never get "turned on". That's our families word. The switch doesn't have to be turned on. That's our prayer for Laney.

So who's reading? Who's finding out about AS? Who's spreading the word? Do I want your sympathy--heck no! I want you to become knowledgeable--not feel sorry. Don't feel sorry for me...I have this disease, but it does not have me. What I want most for you is not pity, but for you to see Christ in me. Through me. I do want your prayer as well. Prayer for a cure. Prayer for doctors to find out the cause. Prayer that folks will learn about AS. Prayer for those of us who have it to be pain free and the switch be "turned off".
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