So I've been really bad and not posted in a while! It has literally been crazy for me!!! Doctors visits and re-doing blood-work every couple of days because THEY did something still not having the answers to the my liver function normal???

My last visit to the Dr not good at all so the spine is doing what any AS patient knows it will do. I've got discs that are getting worse..blah, blah, blah. Great news I may be upping the methotrexate. Yes, that was sarcasm. I've heard of some having a bit of hair loss...I've got so much hair that a little loss is needed!'s the dang curl right now. So, I DO have natural curly hair, but this is ridiculous!!!!! The doctor also suggested a bit of bed rest for me to ease the pain---I mean really did you just say I needed bed-rest? Do you realize that I do NOT have time for that right now.

I do have fantastic news though--my youngest was complaining of lower back pain and we had her tested yep-HLA-B27 positive-that's not the fantastic news--she's showing no signs of AS!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Prayers are answered!!! Ped Rhuemy saw her and she's doing great!!!! YEA!

Right now, I'm in the worst pain I've been in. One reason I'm sure is because I'm so busy with a daughter who is graduating this year! Huge grad party this weekend, graduation and family party the following weekend. And my youngest just had a huge 15 year old party herself. It's a 3 letter word---MOM! I love being a mom and AS will NOT stop me from being the best mom I can be!!!

While I was at the hospital getting copies of my youngest x-rays I saw a family friend who is also our ortho doc! He was asking what I was doing....and we chatted a bit. His gets AS...he says do what you can. Keep moving. For those that want to say exercise, you really have NO IDEA! I want to scream!!! He adds, folks don't understand. They see that you look fine. Yes, folks-I look fine! but, you really have no idea!

Keep learning about AS! Spread the word--knowledge is key!

I have AS but I will NOT LET IT GET ME!
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