AS and shoes---ack!!!!!!!!!

This is a very busy weekend for me. AS is not going to stop me from doing something very's parents weekend for my daughters sorority! You may think, ok, well it's parents weekend--GO.

Anyone with AS just thought..yea, wish it were that easy!

Friday night will consist of a dress-up fun night! Dinner and Casino night! YAY! That sounds so fun! Well, yes it most certainly does. Took forEVER to find an out-fit. First because anyone with AS knows that shopping/trying on clothes...not an easy task as a female in-general but throw in a CRIPPLING disease!!!! Thankful I started weeks ago for that part! It's just not enjoyable to even get a new outfit when it's so painful and then you also have to see the size you have to get because of the medicines you have to take!

I will be looking long as you don't look at the shoes! It's the freakin shoes! Not sure if everyone with AS has this problem, but my feet HURT! My ankles are HUGE! Anything touching them, hurts! Even the wrong pair of socks can hurt! I'd like to wear the cute shoes, but that's not going to happen. You CAN'T wear stilettos with AS, just ain't happening!

Let's think about this for a min...a weekend that I'm looking forward too, I know is actually going to KILL me! Casino night on Friday and then a football game on Saturday--let's also throw in a HUGE college campus to get around! Now, don't get me wrong. I WANT TO GO! I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS WEEKEND! I WOULDN'T STAY HOME FOR NOTHING---that's just it....

AS-you may have my body, but you will NOT have my life!

So, I will go this weekend, with medicine in hand--ok, in my purse--and I am going to have the most fun!!!! Yep, I'll be the one with the cute outfit and crappy shoes, limping around with a smile on my face! because I CAN!

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