pain in the neck!

Went to the rheumy Friday and she's still not happy about how I'm doing. Actually, I'm not either! Just thinking that 3 years ago...I WAS FINE! Now, I'm fighting pain, nausea, hair falling out, joint swelling, tired, headaches and the newest a freaking I twitch for a month! Yes, my eye has been twitching for almost a month now. Oh, you can see's not just a little one. The entire lid is twitching. Wondering if anyone else has ever had a month long eye-twitch??? Is this just another something that I'll suffer through? Could it be something in my neck that is causing this? I've heard this one several times already-you know that's sometimes caused by stress. Can a person with A.S not have stress??!!! Could my neck, which has really been bothering my lately, be messing with a nerve that is causing it? I don't know, but this eye twitch, wakes me in middle of the night---WHILE I'M SLEEPING!!! My eye twitches while I'm even a sleep! Craziest thing!!!!

I'm looking forward to Christmas--which is among us now. The house is decorated. I've not done any shopping as of yet---really keep thinking oh, I need to go do that, and then just haven't been feeling the greatest or just busy with other things--you know--Life!

Tired of reading the status updates that say, terrible day today or how someone doesn't like the holidays. Seems the same folks always post how terrible the start to the day, or it ended up being..etc. Folks with ankylosing spondylitis could write that EVERY day! Yes, my status could say every single day..woke in pain today, terrible start. I always try and remember that someone doesn't have electricity, someone doesn't have food, a child woke with cancer or no parent, so you're start to the day being about before posting that, really think if you have it so bad. I encourage everyone to post positive. BE POSITIVE! Yes, I feel like total CRAP right now. I don't want to be asked how I feel because truthfully I'd like to tell them LIKE CRAP! But, how does that help? It doesn't. Doesn't help them and it certainly can't help me to be negative. So, I'm staying positive and thinking positive thoughts. There are people who are suffering waaay worse than me. Praying that everyone will have a super Saturday that is full of joy and no pain!
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