remicade take 2!

Thought I'd bring the "old" lap top and blog while I sit here these 2 1/2 hours getting this 2nd remicade infusion! When I say old, I do mean I probably have the biggest lap top in here and thinking that if I'm going to need monthly infusions I need an ipad! Wonder if insurance would cover it? bahaaaaaaaaaaa

Speaking of insurance, we are getting a new policy come April 1! Soooo worried about that one! I already have to fight to get NEEDED care! FYI--you-YOU--are your best advocate! Fight for what's yours!!

Now, back to this infusion
I will probably have a huge bruise on my hand-NOT because of the IV, but because of the 15 min of thumping to find a vein, which she couldn't! So, it's in the bend of my arm..can you say OUCH!

Haven't felt any relief from the first infusion but sooo hoping that I will after this one! So getting an IV in the bend of your arm makes for hard typing! Doing the 1 finger bit right now! So this blog will need to be short!

I'll raise my arm and say, "cheers" here's to hoping for much needed relief!!!!
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