If you don't care about AS, just don't read

I'm warning you now--that this is a blog for those who truly want to "try" and understand about AS or those of you that HAVE AS.

Do you ever wonder if it'd be easier to say...I have cancer than AS??? And I don't take that statement lightly. Just over a year ago I lost a dear cousin to cancer. She was my age..married, children. One of the sweetest ladies EVER! But, those of you who have AS...you know where this is coming from!! "People", for what ever reason, understand cancer. Maybe they don't understand it totally, but atleast they accept it and try. With ankylosing spondylitis, "people" just don't care! Let me quickly say, my family DOES care. But, I don't really think "people" care.

I also think ok, if "it" were cancer, then I could go through the treatments and be done with it--whatever the outcome. Whoa...you say/think. Yea, I'd be done with it. It would be defeated one of 2 ways--and being a born again Christian, I'm good with that. I can't defeat ankylosing spondylitis. AS will win everytime!

I will LIVE with AS MY ENTIRE LIFE! Again, not taking cancer lightly. But, "people" fight for those with it. "People" do things they usually don't-like raise money, or walk for it. "People" understand it.

-Did you know that 2.4 million people are affected by spondylitis? That's a LOT of folks "people".
-We've all heard about Cystic Fibrosis, Lou Gehrigs, and Multiplescloris, but AS affects more "people" than these 3 combined.

So, why the "not so happy" post..cause I think "people" should at least try! Isn't it funny the comments that come back when you tell "people" what you have. um yea, being a bit sarcastic here. My favorite 2, oh, it's just arthritis and the ultimate, atleast it doesn't affect your insides/organs. ooh, kay. Obviously you HAVE NO IDEA!

So it DOES affect the "insides"...heart, lungs, eyes...and this picture is one that I thought wouldn't gross you out too much. You should see the eye pics that I should've posted!

Ever seen a sweet old person stooped over...yea, that comes from the inside and it's not just "arthritis". You think I want to look this way??? Would you????

So do I think cancer would be easier....sometimes I do. I know that statement probably will make someone mad, but yea, sometimes I think it'd be easier to explain and "live" with.

The only cure that I will experience will be a heavenly one! Now, while NO MAN can predict when the end of the world will be (yes, that was intentional)---I can rejoice in knowing that when GOD DECIDES to come back, I'm ready...and you can bet that I'll be "DANCING IN THE STREETS"!

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