AS you won't take the "mommie" out of mom!

Mommie and Mom--is there a difference? YES!  I think so!  Your little ones start out by calling you mommie, then as they get older it becomes mom.  So, is there a difference--not in the love that a child has for their mom, but it's all in how they say it.

I have older children now and there is a difference!  Whether I'm Mom or Mommie and no matter how old they are--THESE beauties will always be my babies!

Can you see the text from that teen that starts "Hey Mommie"?  My reply--hey, "what do you want"?  HA!

Or how about this one "MOM" (insert a whine here). 

Or "mommie, I don't feel good".

It's all in the growing up and becoming adults.  We all, at some point, no matter our age want our "mommie"

Well, I'm learning each day living with a chronic illness, that sometimes being "mommie" is very hard.  I will NOT let ankylosing spondylitis take the mommie from me!  I love when my girls need "mommie"--and no matter what the level of pain or exhaustion--mommie will be there!  If I have to drive 2 hours or even go in my PJs!! 

I am thankful for my health when my girls were babies.  For those that suffer with AS and raising little ones--I applaud you! 

I do want to scream sometimes to GOOO AWAAAYYYYY AS--GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK!  Give my FAMILY back the person they deserve to have--not this crippled, broken body that I've become. 

But, this is the life I must live.  This is the disease--the incurable disease--that I've got.  So, with that I say, I will live each day to the best I can--as if it were the last.  I will be that MOMMIE!  Because nobody and NO DISEASE will take that from me!

AS has my body, but not me!
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