Can't believe that I log in and it's been a month since my last post.  It has really just been a VERY busy time, and to top it off when you don't feel that great--it's hard to just keep up!

New Rheumy--I like him, but just not sure how knowledgeable he is on ankylosing spondylitis.  Yep--just because you see a "specialist" doesn't mean they "know" your disease!  I wish so much that I could just stay with Dr. Butler.  She knows AS and and I LOVED her! 

Had an MRI done of my sac. joints and no damage thus far.  GREAT news!  But us females with AS know that other joints are more damaged in females before the sac. joints.  I am happy to know that there's no damage there though.  I do sometimes wish that I could have a MRI of my entire body--ha!  What is going on with the neck, knee and shoulder???  Those seem to be the worst--so I'm also going to see an orthopedic doctor next week.

Here's the thing folks--it's up to YOU to be your patient advocate!  YOU must be in charge of your health.  We can't just rely on "a" doctor!  We must fight for our health and that's what I'm doing and encouraging each of you to do as well.  I'm not saying go an find something wrong--thing is--we "know" when somethings not right.  Make sure you listen to your body. 

I also want to introduce you to a knew friend I'm following and I would like to encourage each of you to follow her as well--


When you start reading you'll be glad you did!  Having a cousin die from a rare cancer 2 years ago--seeing this mom beat hers is AWESOME and she has an amazing story to go with it. 

So, I'll try and do better about keeping my blog going!  I'm sure that you've all missed me terribly--insert sarcasm here! ha!

With a chronic illness sometimes you pick what you can do--yep, blog was on the bottom!  Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season has begun.  Thanksgiving for me is the start of Christmas--Merry Christmas!

Kind of a random blog--but just wanted to let you know----
AS has my body, but NOT me!!!
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