New resolutions!

Looking at my last post..Dec 1 so I guess I'm just aiming for monthly here lately.  Well Christmas (holidays) has come and gone.  It was a wonderful time with family.  2011 is gone and 2012 has begun.  I'm not one for making "resolutions" and really think they are a waste of breath!  I feel as we should live each day as if it's our last.  Making every single day count!  Not just Jan. 1st!  I mean seriously how many folks actually keep the resolution they made...I bet it's few to none!

Getting diagnosed with a life changing illness will sure make you "think" about "life" and how you live it!  2011 was certainly challenging financially and physically.  The economy is like a slow sinking ship right now and I really don't see an end at the moment.  So changes were made in that area and you's all good changes.  You don't just buy/spend.  You really focus on things that are needed instead of wanted (big difference here).  I even started couponing.  Why I didn't do this before..DUMB!  Physically the changes keep coming.  I learn daily of my limitations.  It's hard to not do what I want to do and focus on what my "body" CAN do. 

2011 was also a time of loss.  We lost Poppa (moms husband-step dad).  But with this loss comes joy that he is not in pain anymore.   Thankful for eternal life in Jesus.

So for 2012 there are no "resolutions".  It's just continually trying to do better daily.  Focusing on God, family and health like I've been doing.  Continually seeking God's wisdom and grace for each day!  I think if I strive for this, then no need to waste breath on resolutions that are never kept. 

I end with Happy New Year and may God bless you!  And as always, AS has my body, but not me!
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