Keep trucking....

Shoulder is progressing in the "healing department", but not as fast as I'd like.  I keep reminding myself the doctor told me a year...ack...a year?!  Physical therapy is..well..physical therapy!   I am feeling better for sure.  Trying to decide if pre-surgery shoulder is better and I do think it is, but there are those times that I think it feels the same...but that's the "not so patient" person talking.  I have to give myself time to heal.

I did have someone tell me that they were out of their sling in 2 weeks--kind of jokingly--and I had to explain, my disease--then got a quick-oh?.  I am out of the sling now, but still limited as to what I can do.  I don't know how long until the pain ceases and the motion comes back, but I'll keep trucking!

So, back to the disease of ankylosing spondylitis (AS).  This will not heal me.  I probably will have future surgeries repairing joints that are destroying themselves from the inside.  I will have to endure this earthly pain, but I will have a heavenly healing like non other--one day!  Until that day, I will rejoice in the Lord, for He is good.  He will never leave me nor forsake me!

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