Loving being a grandmom and still hating AS!

Those folks coping with this horrific disease would like to manage to say..... I’M CURED! Preferably we just continue “doing your life ” the very best we realize how!

Seems We had plenty of remarks asking inquiries about “ how exactly to help”.... perfectly, i want to say that We ’m not just a doctor first. This blog is supposed to provide those folks who suffer data and understanding of AS, and let’s face it, it’s basically things happening with me and things I learn from others! It’s all about sharing and very important that we realize that we all present differently or even possess differing symptoms and pains! However the more we talk about and acquire the expressed phrase out there about AS, the greater our care will be!

Some comments have already been how exactly to help without medicine. How would you manage an illness without medicine? Look for a very good rheumy and get on a drug protocol that will MANAGE your AS. Sometimes you go through a LOT of trail and error finding what will bring you relief, but definitely get that help that is much needed in order to “do life”.

Make sure that you realize all that occurs when AS can be attacking the body! I liked that I at last saw this photograph in my own doctors place of work because people IT’S NOT ONLY THE Backbone! But assumed I’d share once again. Knowledge can be key! Learn whatever you can about what’s heading on with YOU and communicate with your doctor on how to treat and manage your AS.

For me, since my last post, I’m enjoying being a grandmom (Mo) to my precious girl Lilly! I never understood the “grand” part till now! It is certainly GRAND!

I’m still on Cosentyx injections and also methotrexate injections trying to just do life and manage this disease the best I can. Yes, there are tons of different meds I consider aswell. Find exactly what will do the job and take action! Try issues and find if can help. There is absolutely no cure merely managed attention and what may do the job, might not operate for me personally! BUT , it doesn’t indicate you shouldn’t try to share! We are all on this AS journey with each other and we need to battle for ourselves and each other!

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